Monday, May 14, 2007

Young & dangerous

Recently the young people of Singapore are in the news do for all the wrong reasons. The most recent one has a JC student from Hwa Chong Institute giving one of our hardworking Bus drivers Captains a beating. It's all very amazing as he later claimed he lost his cool, yet stood by while the father went down on his knees at the interchange to beg for forgiveness.

This thug boy is studying at a JC that boasts an MP, some tv personalities, a very popular local blogger, and a very able lady who runs a company that turns seawater into potable water. With so many famous/successful predecessors before him, he decides to add to the list by going psycho on a working class adult making an honest living. The Alumni must be so proud of this gangster boy...

The above incident is a first, but by no means uncommon. Countless cases of "happy slapping" are going on in schools, dark staircases, during eca initiations, birthdays etc. Basically anytime and anyplace is good for them to kick/slap/strip/humiliate someone(usually weaker and outnumbered) and record it, then post it online for all to share.

I shudder to think what the future holds if these are the warped values that our young people have now. Many have came together to discuss how best to curb these adolescent gangsters( cuz that's what they are behaving like). Most are taking a softer, benevolent hand, often sending them for counseling or back to the parents.

Me? I'm old skool. I say hit them where it hurts; their young ego. Send them straight to boys/girls homes. Get them to wake up early morning everyday and do drills, have them pick up litter on the streets, parade them in front of the whole school, put up their photos in the papers. I've had enough of them being counseled, given countless chances to turn over a new leaf, and still not learn anything from it all.

It's time to return the power back to the adults in their lives.

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