Monday, August 20, 2007

Lonely Gooner

I've not been down to Liz Pub due to my schedule for Arsenal matches since their season kicked off. From what I read and hear, word has definitely spread and the pub is mostly packed on Arsenal telecasts.

Yesterday I had to contend with watching the match while in Seoul. I had to excuse myself to run back to my own room to watch StarSports coverage as the rest of them were watching the Liverpool v Chelsea match.

At least they are showing it on ESPN/StarSports here. I cannot emphasis how much I do not like the coverage on Football Channel. It's well and good if all I want is to watch the match, but for pre/half-time/post match commentary I'd rather listen to John Dykes and Steve McMahon than that pasty looking Joe Morrisson. Which makes me miss the dudes and atmosphere at Liz Pub more.

The Fulham match was a heart stopping one, the last 10 minutes providing the highest entertainment value with the help of Toure, RvP, Helb.

Playing Blackburn was like watching a football team play a rugby team. I don't know if Blackburn are as physical/bullying with any other teams in the EPL. They were mistaken if they thought these were just boys that are playing in the Carling Cup though, as Arsenal stood up to their many antics and even had a few choice words for their Manager.

The Lehmann situation doesn't look good. Yes, it's been only 2 matches. To make a blunder out of both though, is deserving of a 2nd look at our reserve keepers.

Will be on my way to Christchurch when Arsenal hosts Manchester City this Saturday (Dammit!). The standings at this point is not an accurate reflection so I am not looking at it. We do need to look hard at Lehmann though.

Arghh, can someone Fedex me some spicy chicken wings from Liz Pub?!


SgGooner said...

i can fax one or two over if you really want...

(T) (H) (B) said...

I'll stop reading guy's blog if I see another one on football again!!! ARGH!!!

Unknown said...

HB-Then you probably won't wanna go over to SGGooner's one then, ha ha