Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shen Ri Kuai Le

So my birthday came and went.

I didn't do anything lavish or special this year, compared to last years' week-long celebrations, cuz it didn't warrant the need to.

My dear Sis bought me a nice set lunch at Michelangelo's, I then went with her to Ikea to pick out her cupboard - and bought myself a new throw/blanket along the way, dammit the temptation was too strong! In the evening my buddy redcocoon invited me over to share dinner with him and his lovely wife. I then came home and stayed online till 6 in the morning.

Heck, I didn't so much as have a beer!

Some birthdays are significant:
@16, when you think adulthood is imminent...
@18, when you think, yes adulthood has finally dawned!
@21, when they tell you that, yes NOW you are an adult. There's even a cake in the shape of a key to cut into!

@30, when you wonder what you've been doing (or not) since becoming a full-fledged adult at 21
@35, when you panic and wish you were back at 18...or 21? Ok la, at least 30 can??

34; one year short to be a highlight, and many over to be bothered about.

Still, I very much appreciate the SMSes, the calls, comments in blogs(mine and SgGooner's) and the E-card from my beautiful Thai friend.

I will reciprocate the above congratulatory gestures, and hope that yours don't end with a whimper like mine.

Now then, onwards with my adult life...


The Quiet Stone said...

Happy belated birthday. Mine also same day as yours.

Unknown said...

Hey hey thanks! Best wishes to you too.

None said...