Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gooner Down Under..

The flights must be getting to my head. At first I thought I'd be missing the clash between Liverpool and Arsenal at The Liz, and the match will be played while I'm mid-air serving the 292nd cup of coffee.

Turns out I touched down this morning and they are screening the match on their sports channel in the hotel. Australia doing well in international soccer has rubbed off on the cable operators, who are screening more soccer in addition to their staple of cricket, rugby and their
very own aussie-rules football.

I looked up and found out about the Gooners in Australia. There's even a hangout, a chain of them in fact! They gather at Pigs 'n Whistle and I hope I get to meet up with some members there. Am wearing the Arsenal Singapore polo, and armed with my flag and scarf, will be downing pints watching the action from Down Under.

The hours are ticking away...

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