Monday, October 29, 2007

Post Pig 'n Whistle

After finding out where Bribane Gooners hang out for matches, I made my way to Pig 'N Whistle English pub on Eagle street. The pub is big, with generous seatings both indoors and out. I had a very nice steak for dinner there before deciding that I was way too early for the match. Even the waiter said so.

So it was back to the room to see Bolton draw with Villa on a sorry excuse for a TV. Met another crew and seeing how he was a Pool supporter, we decided to watch the match together at the pub. It was Monday morning, so it was a noticeably small crowd. I could only count out 5 other Gooners there, Scocers outnumbering us. They started to warm up by sittin right in front of the projection screen. I was on high ground so it didn't matter.

For long periods after the 1st goal I was quite silent, trying to contain my urge to spout expletives at the ref and more so, the cunt-Carragher! By the half time I've had my 5th Kilkenny of the night, and brought out the Arseanal flag to drape over the bannister. That got some attention from the aussies but I wasn't caring by then. I started to sing songs about Fabregas and cheered on my Arsenal.

With the passing minutes I grew louder and more Hokkien words were escaping my throat. Even my Pool partner was silently reserved, even though they had the lead. I was willing for Arsenal to chase down the equalizer when Fabregas did just that on the 80th min. I was giving the aussie Gooners in front of me high 5's all round.

The Gunners held out for the draw. I took a photo with Justin, Andrew and Bambi (yes, Bambi), and gave them the contact for Arsenal Singapore. Will host them if they ever drop by on our shores.

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