Friday, October 26, 2007

Say cheese

My Flickr pro account has expired. Just as well, since I'm not able to upload any new photos because of the lack of a digital camera.

I am not a fan of the new compact models that are flooding the market these days. Most of them cost upwards of $600, and one doesn't have full control over the way you want the photo to turn out.

I see many of my friends buy these and shake my head when they do not know how to use the plethora of functions available to really bring out a nice picture. Sometimes I feel they are better off using the recent models of camera phones for their Kodak moments, plus you can make calls on it!

I will not go the way of the DSLR though. The DSLR is like a Subaru WRX. You buy the basic body of the camera, then spend a couple more hundred (sometimes thousands!) on lenses, filters, external flashes, and an endless list of accessories that will drown you. Then you have to buy a dry box to stow all of that. And the day will come when your fire goes out in photography, and you have to sell off most of it at a huge loss-as is the case with all consumer electronic items.

Therefore I have decided to go the prosumer way. Costing a dash more than the compact models, I will have bigger control over how I would like my photos to turn out, without over indulging on too much add-on items.

All I need now is a Milo tin to start saving for one.

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