Friday, July 04, 2008

No rewind in the real world?

What if one sets out to right a wrong, but doesn't get a 2nd chance to do it?

I was tasked to come up with a jersey for my team's dragon boat race recently.

Admittedly I did not do a good job at it. Firstly, 2 people who were supposed to work with me on the design was a no-show throughout. Then I didn't know that I could have outsourced the designing/graphics to a 3rd party and charge the club for it.

The jersey I came up with was bought in a retail store in London. It was white cotton. I designed the very basic graphic by myself.The printer did a bad job.

I am guilty on all charges.

So I emailed the Club, determined to come up with something better, at my own expense. Mind you this is not a small amount.

Then, probably over a jug of beer, this chap comes up and says he can do a better job at it. 2 persons, albeit the 2 most important persons in the committee, decided that it would be best to ask members to pay for another jersey (for one last event of the calendar year) than to do a redo of a jersey that would last the whole year instead, at no more extra cost to them!!

Plus they asking him to design the new Official Club polo tee too!!

I remember objecting strongly when they first mooted the idea of using a branded polo from A&F and stick a Club patch at the back just under the collar (WTF??) . I went and bought an Old Navy polo instead and stuck the patch where it rightly belongs; on the left hand pocket.

So now they want a 2nd Official polo. Or is it a new one for every year??

So in one fell swoop, with my only recourse denied to me, I can no longer hold my head up when I go for training. In fact, if not for the fact that there are always not enough rowers for the races, I doubt I'd still be involved at all.

Screw them. It's "Me" time from now on.

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