Monday, July 07, 2008



见到银行户口忽然那么多个数字, 心里有点忐忑不安。 刚刚写过未来的经济将不太乐关, 但心里却一直想要买东买西。

尤其是一架新的宽平电视机, 简直是看到眼花缭乱! 本来只想买一架小小37寸无牌的, 但一出门就只看到40到42寸的名牌款型。 原本只想花不到一千元, 但现在可能需要至少两千大元了!

好朋友说我以前买东西非常冲动, 看到就买。 现在, 想了几个月都还没决下心。




Anonymous said...

Bro, must plan for rainy day what.

Unknown said...

true that

Anonymous said...

Wtf.... Bro, can I request for a translation version.

I cannot understand!!!!!

Anonymous said...

jus buy loh. :P

(T) (H) (B) said...

Then left how much liao?? Too much money can gimme. I won't mind. haha!

Anonymous said...

@ shai

Recently, company gave out bonus.

When i saw that my account had so many new digits in it, i felt a little uneasy. Just wrote about the cash flow being a problem, but i feel like buying stuff with the bonus.

Especially so for HD TV's. Originally wanted a 37" but after i stepped out of the house, the only thing that attracted me were 40" and 42" branded HD TV's. Originally i thought of spending no more than 1000 dollars on the TV, now it seems i need at least 2000 dollars.

Good friends have said that i am an impulsive buyer, if it looks nice i'll buy. But now after deliberating for so many months, i still haven decided on the HD TV.

Contrary to what i usually do, i transferred the bonus into my savings account.

Could be that age is catching up with me.

Unknown said...

aloe - patience...

THB - I have other uses for it la, money where got too much one.

tssd - thanks for translating for my Shai friend :)

Anonymous said...

i can read all that you have wrote in chinese!!!! just like cakie's entry, i can do it by myself without help, guess i have underestimated myself!

yes, save for a rainy day. i kept away the bulk of my bonus too.... cannot bear to splurge $$$ excessively.