Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gunning for the Kick Off!!

It's finally here, the best sporting event on TV.

No. Not the Olympics, but the English Premier League!!

Regular service will carry on from here on. Weekends will be spent following my Arsenal, topics with the boys (and some girls) will revolve around the play of the week, Arsenal fan sites like Arseblog, A Cultured Left Foot, and our local Siren will be refreshed countless times.

Obviously, the season will focus on Arsene's non-spending during the summer break. His stubborness not to spend on big names, whether its due to finances or not, has given many a young faces a place in the first XI that are most would not dare to dream of in other big European clubs.

To recap, I didn't start following Arsenal because of the trophies it has picked up in its long history. I am a visual person. And when I first saw TH14 bring a ball, seemingly attached to his feet, all the way from his own half to the other, and calmly slot in a goal, I was hooked.

I was to find out, 3 years on, that the beauty of Arsenal's football has a lot to do with one person's philosophy, his altruistic vision, and knack for spotting unknown, unproven talent when they are young (and spitting them out when they are past their prime!) .

I have visited the hallowed grounds, spent a small fortune watching their matches, and even swallowed my pride to sit in the away section once. Memorabilia of the Club is slowly filling up one of my room in my flat.

Having a local fan club helps to fuel my allegiance to the Club. The fact that we can use it to do some good work for the community is a nice touch too. Match days at The Liz is an attack in all one's senses. The singing, the crowd, the food and drinks.

There are more passionate, hardcore fans out there, but I'll do it in my own "mild-tempered" ways.

Come on Arsenal!!

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