Thursday, August 07, 2008

One week later...

I've spent the better part of a week recharging my batteries.

No blogging. Little TV. Some discovering. Much to catch up.

Some people come out of it raring to go. I must say I am still crawling out of bed slowly, even if I don't start work till National Day.

Much moolah have been spent. My latest single biggest purchase have been my 42" Plasma TV. It is a sight to behold, and even though the speakers are there for show, they look great together.

CSI never looked so good...

观音庙 at 四马路 is also somewhere I had never been. I stood in awe of the diety drenched in gold inside. I watched curiously as followers prayed intently and shook the bamboo sticks that may give them a glimpse of their future. I heard a story of how a monk transformed himself to look tubby (but jolly) as his previous handsome self attracted the wrong kind of attention.

Mustaffa at Little India is really a treasure trove of all things I liked as a young boy. If one does not mind the crowds at night, you could really browse through a whole catergory of sweets and chocolates that you used to pester your parents for.

As well as old friends, some more are getting in touch with me soon as they found out about my move up in my job. I myself am getting in touch with my seniors, asking for guidance. In the service line there's always more than one way to deal with a thorny issue. Hopefully I can manage most of them when I put on my new tie.

The next 4 months looks like it will be a jolt to my senses. Hopefully it won't be too jarring and I can report on happier, albeit inane stuff.

Now then, where can I buy a dozen pieces of office attire for my training without hurting my pocket.

Can you say, Mustaffa?!


Natsu no Umi said...

Haaa.. yesh... it's time to change ur TeeBee... :D

Natsu no Umi said...

Office wear?
John Little? OG? Or when G2000 is having sale. Look for me... I got all the discount cards... :P

Unknown said...

Yeah saw G200 have some bargains yesterday.

Perhaps will mix and match with those I buy from overseas...

I ish the hiao type

Anonymous said...

Mr Hiao.... i refuse to type in all that buying tips i gave you in the text message. But, I will give you another tip, try tailoring your stuff at Men's Tradition, Peninsula Plaza. Better prices for better fabrics.

Psst.... macaroons!! *whines whines whines*

Unknown said...

waa...custom tailored pieces ah! No need la :P

Anonymous said...

you are going london again! i pass you my shopping list, hokays! :)