Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How much for your John Hancock?

Being an Arsenal fan invariably means buying the home and away jersey every season. I know of a local fan who even buys the matching socks!

I've always resisted from printing players' names/numbers on the back of the jersey. Not only does it add to the already pricey garment, I find that my allegiance is to the Club, and not a player.

Sure, I will always have something to say about one player or another. However, the contracts they sign are as worthless as paper towels as soon as they are suckered into a huger payout somewhere else.

Which is why I am not over the moon with Adebayor's "commitment" to the Club with his newly-signed long term contract. The guy who got himself in the news for all the wrong reasons during the off-season. The guy who can't figure out how to beat the offside trap. The guy who can't control the ball effectively. The guy who fancies himself to be the next Henry of Arseanal ( and tries to emulates his moves, but FAILS!). The guy who lets his agent runs roughshod over the Club that gave him a chance.

I'd much rather take a closer look at RvP's return to fitness, look forward to Eduardo's rebirth, Bendtner's partnership up front with any other striker, the fringe players that Arsene's gonna put on the field ...

And this guy

Samir Nasri

The season's gonna be damn watchable...


Anonymous said...

ooooh, he is cute! *drool*

(T) (H) (B) said...

Yah lo. Waste of # to print. Print liao they change number.. :(

Hope this seaon's gonna be good!