Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Close encounter of the Blogger kind

There She was
And time stood still
I sat transfixed
Drinking in her beauty

Stealing glances
Here & there
I'd wanted to move in
But didn't dare

So I sat back
Sipping my Johnny Walker Black
Slinking into a dark corner
I can see why so many
longed for her

It was time to leave
She'd stayed on
Maybe I should go say "Hi!"
Alas, no, I just couldn't get it on...


Anonymous said...

Spellcheck yout title bro :P

powerpuff said...

who;s that beauty?

Unknown said...

Spelling corrected, who are u ah anonymous, at least put name or nick la.

PP: a blogger who's been in e news recently, not SPG

Anonymous said...

It was ME. Muuahahahhahaaaaaaaa..

Sandra Ng said...


powerpuff said...

sandralicious ah? wow you bumped into her? shld have said HELLO! she's hot!

Unknown said...

Spunky: Thanks for the spell check, Sis

PP: Me shy la

Sandra: Nice to meet ya, well sorta...

Anonymous said...

Oei...sannndraaaaa...jude lah..whoever u try to hit on baby...jia you!Woahahaahahahha....

Anonymous said...

wat u mean buy "it" ...by the way..???