Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Watch your Mouse, Kid!!

So much has been written about the responsibilities one has when writing down their thought in a popular medium like this, yet still I'm gonna repeat it here.

I heard in the grapevine that a few persons have gotten into trouble writing down what transpires during the course of their work. That made me go back through my entries, to see if I'd left behind any 'incriminating evidence'. Thankfully, and also according to my friends, my entries are very general, sometimes even vague, when it involves my professional life.

I decided to do a search online for these online journals. It's not too difficult to find them, just come up with any permutation of airline terms and, if you so free and kaypoh like me, you'd more likely come across 1 or 2 in the sea of search results.

Those that I read are actually entries by new colleagues about their experiences. It's a new job for them, one that is, you have to admit, very different from a regular 9-5 job on ground. Some are peppered with anecdotes of the job, most talk about their travels in a foreign land, yet more describe how the job itself is so vastly different from what they used to believe it to be. I've yet to come across one who's written from a senior's perspective, meaning most of these are penned down by people who's only been in the job for 6mths to a year, on average.

As you might have known by now, people can get into serious trouble with what they write online, and your guess is as good as mine how many have had to rescind their post or take it off the server totally. I guess the only way they can be absolutely sure they don't get into trouble is to have password protected entries. That, too, can just be cut and pasted and circulated via emails.

So, they say the pen/mouse is mightier than the sword. How true.

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