Thursday, March 09, 2006

We are in the last 8!!

Last night Arsenal secured a place in the last 8 of the Champions League. I was literally watching the last 10 minutes standing right in front of the TV. To send in a team that's so young(in a way, dunno what is called die) and perform so well against one of the biggest club in Europe is indeed commendable. Goalkeeper Lehmann damn steady, singlehandedly, by the tip of his fingers prevented a goal that was a sure thing.

Henry should really forget about the overtures from other clubs and stay to see how exciting this team will become next season. C'mon, he's just gonna be another expensive import in the other clubs. Here at Highbury, he's a Legend. That's something money can't buy. And I have a feeling Henry is not someone who just goes for the biggest buck. Finally got to wear the jersey with pride!

For a guy who's alone most times at home, I have an extraordinary amount of kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery plus pots and pans. After removing all the grime from both my bathrooms, I decided to clear up the clutter that's my kitchen, since I was on a roll. After putting away the good wine glasses and numerous commemorative mugs, I found myself going through an inexplicably large number of unused dishes, cutlery, scissors, condiments, spices and even a rice cooker!

I don't cook at home, and my Mum's too busy to make me any home-cooked meals, therefore I'm puzzled as to how all these landed in my kitchen. For your info, my storage space is really a premium in the kitchen.

Now headache how to hide all of them...

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Anonymous said...

You can donate your kitchen stuff to your sister too! haha