Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mum

So I woke up late for my Mum's birthday lunch. Got dressed quickyly and walked over to her place. Dad was already getting dressed when he saw me, seem really happy too (to see me, that is) .

Halfway to the restaurant realised that no reservations were made! Great, on Labour Day holiday somemore. Decided not to queue up like an idiot, so started looking for another restaurant. Found this indonesian one, which had a ready table for us. Only after sitting down I realised that the food was average, service was minimal, and my Mum don't take spicy food. Bad Ahtiong.

Then again, no one else came up with a back-up plan either.

Happy Birthday Mum! Pass you ang pow tomorrow k?


SgGooner said...

happy birthday aunty! your son is so filial...

Anonymous said...

hahah..happy labour day too!