Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Success without U!!

camaraderie - The quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability;
Goodwill and lighthearted rapport between or among friends

Sometimes when you hang around a group of people long enough, a certain level of bond is fostered. This is what happened over the weekend in Penang.

As you might have read from my previous post, this was a trip to measure our level of competitiveness and readiness for the events in the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival on 24/25 June. I am proud to say that we went into the races as newbies but never underestimating ourselves. We gave our best and held our heads high after each event. Who would've thought that an amateur outfit with little or no support from the Company would be able to sign themselves up in an international event.

Credit is due to the coaches, who's always been able to motivate us with much patience. Our Assistant Team Manager also did a fantastic job with all the logistics, sacrificing many of his waking hours to ensure that we have our needs taken care of. The support we got from our crews' family and friends were invaluable as well, many of them doing thankless mundane stuff such as looking after our belongings/taking photos/carrying equipment. Last but not least, all the rowers who came on this trip, your contribution to the team will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Although we did not come away with any medals, we gained a better understanding of each other through encouragement and sheer will. Spending the weekend together with some fun and games also got us to know each other a bit better and build even closer ties to the Club. I am sure that we will be more motivated to do well for the coming race.

Come on AirCrews!!


SgGooner said...

may not have won but definitely gained something eh? good for you dude. at least you guys have 'match experience' now and know what to expect liao.

GunnerXIII said...

Guess the logo didn't make it in time eh? Or else u guys will be champs! Photos leh?

Anonymous said...

must be a great wrkout 4 all of u! cheers man!