Monday, May 15, 2006

Kick Off!

Yes..I'm gonna talk about football/soccer again. The month of June will see a sharp decrease in productivity at work, with the opposite at the clinics. It's a regular occurance every 4 years. Why?

The World Cup is back.

Now, I watch soccer for it's entertainment value. I don't particularly have a favourite team(country) that I support. I hear that Brazil are favourites, yet England seem to have a good chance, the host Germany aren't exactly pushovers, and you'd have to punt on the outsiders time to time--remember Republic of Korea and Greece?

It's almost sacrilegous not to mention the previous matches at the office. People will be looking at you strangely if you don't, as if eating, living and breathing soccer was the norm here. 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3 and other strange permutations will roll off people's tongue. Fortunes will be made, mostly lost, on spur of the moments wagers based on "reliable" sources.

Just about the only players I'd recognise would be a handful from the EPL. After all, here we are fed on a good diet of it. It's no wonder many are fans of the England team.

I have reservations though. Even the NBA players, when they come together, don't do very well on the international arena. Just because the English invented soccer does not a World Cup Champion make. Remember how they choked at the last Euro?

Remember, the ball is round, anything can and will happen.

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