Thursday, May 18, 2006

Paddles Up!!

Now that the dust has settled, it's time to move on to other things that are of concern to me. I'm going with a the team to Penang for their Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. All expenses are borne by ourselves, just so we can taste some outside competition. I know that we will give our best, even if we most probably won't come back with any prizes. The experience itself should be worth the coach ticket. I never visited Penang before, but doubt will have time to sight see either. Most of the crew are coming back straight after the race, as they have morning flights the next day. So rush...roster planning very cheebye!

We're also getting closer to the June Singapore Dragon Boat Festival. Training will be intensified from this month on. I know that some of us are not rowing to our best potential, myself included, so we really have to pull up our socks from here on.

My coach is pining alot of hopes on us this season.
The pressure to get at least a 3rd position for at least 1 team is very big. If we do, it'll bode well for our club. Membership may go up, we might get more help from the Company(esp the cheebye planners) , and hopefully get more funding for the team. If we don't, I can imagine all our best efforts losing it's momentum, worse my Coach may lose heart and forsake us.

So yes, it's time to put on our game faces and charge into June.


GunnerXIII said...

OK OK! I didn't forget about yr logo dude! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

wow...tuff job cuming'll really b fun gg 4 dis pen race..add oil..add oil!!!!!!!!!!

SgGooner said...

9 hours on the bus eh? enjoy the ride man. and hopefully get a win so that you guys can get a leverage while asking for funding...