Sunday, June 04, 2006

Murphy's Law

Well, typical of Singaporean administrative clowns, they've went and done it again. What was supposed to be a well laid plan for me has just blown up in my face.

The association wanted to invite a V-V-Vip to open this year's races. I wonder why they didn't plan this from LAST year and had to wait till a month before to inform all the teams that the race has been moved to a weekend later- 1st & 2nd July. Now this will not bother most of the school teams much, but to corporate teams like ours it's hell.

Many of us, other teams as well, have already sacrificed time off from work in order to make the original dates. Now we are scrambling to make changes to our rosters here and there. We are all cursing and swearing loudly about this but thankfully, most of us are not gonna let 4 months of hard training go to waste. Immediately when it was known to us the change of date, most were already on their phones checking their rosters and getting it changed in order to participate on that day.

For me it means shortening my holiday abroad and also making changes to my roster. So far no one has stepped up to take my flights yet, and I am getting anxious. Mickey is also stressing over this but we are keeping our fingers crossed the Japan trip will happen. We already have the tickets and need to get the dates changed soon.

Nabeh... Murphy's Law... Suay man

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