Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Youth Power?

What's wrong with our teenagers today? Are they really so deprived of attention that they have to resort to violence against their peers?

I just got hold of a clip where up to 4 teenage girls are attacking a 13 yr old girl, to the extent of stripping her half naked. You'd have definately came across the story in the papers. So, they have since apologised to the victim's family and the police are not taking any action until "someone files a report". WHAT THE FOOK?!!!

Who are we to blame for these kinds of behaviour from our so called future leaders of the nation? Society? Family? Internet? The teenagers themselves?

I own a DVD, a Japanese movie titled Battle Royale. It tells the tale of how in the future they send group of teenagers onto an island to kill each other off so that only one survives. This was done as, in the fictional future of Japan, adults cannot control their children any longer and resort to this tactic so that they need not live in fear of their own flesh and blood.

When I first watched it, I was just sucked in by the story. Indeed, most of these traits are already present in modern day Japan now. One sees teenagers roaming the shopping districts; smoking, joining gangs, checking into love hotels, engaged as part time lovers to old men, there teenage lolitas send out naked photos of themselves for wads of cash, pre-teens killing each other off... Many are not interested in their own families, what of society at large.

I once told a friend that the day will come when teenagers here engage in similar type of activities such as above. Correction. THEY ALREADY ARE! Who's not came across the infamous Tammy videos, who hasn't seen groups of boys behaving badly, teenage lolitas whoring themselves over the internet, girls who set themselves up with sugar daddies in order to own an expensive bag/ipod/mobile phone, or even just to party at the latest hip joint in town. They've grown up quickly in the internet age, having access to so much more information than I did donkey years back.

Worried I am, for the future...


GunnerXIII said...

Bro, why worry? What will be, will be! That's nothing we can do about it!

SgGooner said...

i kinda agree with you that the internet age played a strong part but i also think it comes with the growth of out society too. look at the states: among other issues, having kids way before marriages is totally not uncommon there.

it's a long standing issue and it may get worse. who's supposed to be responsible? sometimes i feel religion is under-rated and may be the only thing that's keeping us sane.

well, i may be wrong...

Anonymous said...