Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to SG Grove

It was very nice of Kev to gather the few of us Gooners together to watch the 2nd leg between Arsenal and Dynamo Zagreb.

I can still recall the first time I went to his place in the dead of the night, totally haven't met the guy and wondering if I'd be chopped up into a dozen pieces before being made into curry puffs. I've stayed in one piece, and made a few good Gooner friends since then.

Shai and Skye were there too, thoughtfully bringing some maggi mee goreng and pratas to tide over the hunger pangs. It wasn't a party, but to have fellow Gooners cheering the team on was way better than trying to stay awake watching alone at home. In fact we were surfing between 3 matches; that of Man-ure, Chel$ki, and my beloved Arsenal. Man U won convincingly, Chel-shit lost to Boro(yipee) and Arsenal went through, albeit not with too much flair.

As usual, I shall leave the match report to Kev and Daniel. Again I shall end with just 1 word...



SgGooner said...


Dude, you & Tracy are welcome anytime. We did have a good laugh when Chel$h*te lost eh? :)

GunnerXIII said...

I want to go Spore Grove also leh~! Why no photos?!