Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Bird-Day to Me!!

I'd just finished my BBQ at Punggol Park tonight. Thanks very much to dearest Mickey, I pretty much didn't do anything other than call up my list of friends. Alas, not many were free that night, but I am very grateful for those that turned up.

It should have been a logistical nightmare; the number of satays, chicken wings, prawns, sotong, fish, otah, alcohol etc that made up the BBQ. As I mentioned, Mickey did a top notch job and things turned out perfect.

I'm sure many my age would be surprised to be still going to a BBQ. All the smoke and smell doesn't seem quite appealing after you hit 30. Most of us were just happy to be standing around with a beer in our hand and talking about everything under the sun..or moon in this case.

It was great to see my birthday cake, I felt like a 8 yr old boy when I saw it! It was in the shape of a football! Amongst my birthday gifts were an Arsenal away jersey, a warm converse sweat jacket, a webcam, a watch, a cap and a usb reader I think. Frankly I was just glad that people showed up at the BBQ! The fact that it went on without a hitch, thanks to Mickey again, is such a bonus!

Thanks to those who came, tomorrow go Wala cheong ah!!


GunnerXIII said...

Bro, sorry for not attending your party! Your next drink at Liz will be on me! Happy birthday to you!!

Anonymous said...

Happie Birdy-Day to YOu!
I like your cake lar...can i kick it? kekeke

Unknown said...

Hey hey miche thanks for stoppiing by my blog again.

Unfortunately, cake fin within half an hour liao!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeff... So, BBQ is no longer appealing for those who has hit 30? hmm.. I shall find out soon. haha.

A year older is a year wiser. Hope you had a great celebration on your birthday.