Monday, September 18, 2006

1-nil to the Arsenal!!

So there I was at Liz Pub in my yellow away jersey for "The Showdown".

Got there by 9pm, watched the Chelsea v Liverpool match. Drogba scored a nice goal, and if I didn't detest them that much, I would've applauded.

I didn't. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0. Yawn.

To the main event.

The SG Gooners were slowly streaming in by now. Kev brought his Bro Blog along too to soak in the atmosphere. Yes, I'm sure he realizes that this is where the true fans are! I even heard that there was a small Man U group watching at the poolside.

This was a grudge match. Though the common enemy seem to be Chelsea these days, the history between Arsenal & Man U has always been good fodder for the fans and media alike.

Again I shall leave it to Kev to analyse the match through and through. We should've been 1 up on the 11th minute, but Gilberto slipped. Gallas should've thrown himself towards the ball on another opportunity, and got us the 3 points, but didn't.

Le Prof brought in The Beast-Baptista, and there were shouts for Theo too from the SG Gooners. He's my Super-Sub when Arsenal needs that extra oomph.

In the end, Adebayor provided us with late cheers on the 85th min. The whole pub erupted and roared in unison, Eric was dancing around the room too!

Ooo and by the way, if you read the Sunday edition of the NewPaper, you'd realise that only one punter made a clean sweep at the betting window on this match. His name? Jules Carter. Me like...

Ernest Luis is also the only guy who gave Arsenal a chance in the electric version of the Sports section. Good on ya, mate!

Nice way to start off a Monday eh??


SgGooner said...

You said it! What a sweet way to start the week! And you know what is the irony about Ernest Luis' correct prediction? He's a sp*rs fan... Hehehe!

Unknown said...

Ya..unlike that Tohari Poon-deh!