Sunday, September 24, 2006

Review : Forbidden City - Portrait of an Empress

I decided to watch this musical before it goes on a tour on a Sat afternoon.

I'm usualy supportive of the local productions and this has to rank as one of the ones that can actually make it overseas.

Kit Chan plays the young Empress Dowager and her voice doesn't fail her. Seated nearer to the stage, I could see that she not only sang the songs, but told the stories through her eyes too.

The production was slick, with simple props that doesn't take your attention away from the storyline. There were even Chinese subtitles to go along with the musical. I had to buy the CD after the show, there were a few songs I liked, especially those done by Kit Chan. How I wished I'd seen her in Snow Wolf Lake, the Hong Kong version.

I do suggest you put aside a nice weekend afternoon to watch this musical before it ends its run on the 30th Sep. Watch the matinee at 3pm cuz it's two and a half hour long with intermission, so you still have the evening after the show for other activities :)

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