Friday, September 29, 2006

Loss of hearing, from 25!!

So now the trend is those see gin-nah with the Mozzy ringtone is it? I haven't heard it, cuz they say those above 25 won't be able to hear the high frequency tone, and I'm like..more than 25 liao.

It actually started out as an alarm to shoo kids outta the malls but look what they've done with it, and making obscene amounts of money too!!

They've even went and do a dance track, splicing it into the tune!

"High-pitched, anti-teen alarm is now ringtone, techno track

A high-frequency sonic alarm created to stop troublesome teens from loitering in retail areas has been repurposed as a dance track and a mobile phone ringtone..."

-frm Boing Boing

Ah to be young again...

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