Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Newfound Jealousy album launch at Wala Wala

I was happy to be part of this launch, catered for invited guests and media. As we took our seats, watching the many creative people involved setting up for the night, I couldn't help but feel proud that Shirlyn has began her baby steps into the media spotlight.

Jack of EIC took over the hosting for the night, and introduced Shirlyn and the band playing with her for the night. There's Brandon Khoo on drums, Colin Teo on bass, Joan Chew with her violin and Addy Rasidi, lead guitar. She kicked off the night with 3 of her songs from her album.

The captive audience lapped it up, many are fans who's been following her for quite a while. Like Rajeev and Hock Leng. They follow her wherever Shirlyn goes, and am sure they are happy for her too on her launch.

After the set there was a small presentation of her new website where there's a chunk load of info about her new single album. It's at and if you go in there's samplings of her music too. Very nicely done! We even saw the music video for "Window"! Hopefully the general public will be able to see it soon.

Then came the speech part. There were plenty of people she wanted to thank, and whoever she missed out her manager Chris picked up afterwards. Just as well it was a closed set, as the list seemed to go on and on. I can understand, cuz it took many people to believe in my baby Sister to make this album possible.

CD sales was brisk. I'll be doing my part hawking it this Sat at the Esplanade.

You be getting a copy, right??


Anonymous said...

Bro.. thank you for being there! Can't wait for Saturday! By the way the song is Window ( singular), not Windows. :P

None said...

i went to the esplanade one...rocking lah i tell u. hur hur hur

Unknown said...

Ah 9

Got buy CD not??

SgGooner said...

i got... steady one... ;)