Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Formations, tactics and mind games

Wilfing on the web, the new British pastime | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology

Right, I finally found a term to call my spending-too-much-time-online-accomplishing-nothing habit.

Speaking of which,I really do have to read up a bit on my work, and look out for some useful information about my company. This is because I have finally been selected for an interview for promotion.

I've been getting great encouragement from my colleagues and also tips on how to best stand out during the interview. My strategy, if I decide to use it, would be self-deprecating humour. I figure many of the candidates are gonna talk themselves up during the Q&A, so me walking into the room and trying to outshine those before myself would probably fall flat as the interviewers would see more of the same narcissistic attempts.

Of course I'm not gonna be too negative about myself, I just wanna stand out amongst the rest of the pack eyeing the few openings available at the supervisory level.

Perhaps I'll draw some inspiration from Arsenal...

Whaddya think??


(T) (H) (B) said...

steady la! "I work my way up, so I know more details and will appreciate the company cos it's through sheer hard work!" =P

Unknown said...

waaa....cheem man

SgGooner said...

i'd say just be yourself and don't be something you're not. cos firstly, they would see through it and secondly, they'll promote that person u're not and not the real you.

good luck bro...

Siren said...

hey gorgeous! good luck k? knock 'em dead! give 'em an idea of the kinda leader you are and highlights some of the qualities you have (that coincidentally coincides with the company's values... haha) that will help your do your job.

You're gonna be fantastic!!!