Sunday, May 20, 2007

More goals scored than@New Wembley

So the 1st FA Cup Final to be played at the New Wembley was not what it was hyped up to be. Go read the sports pages online and in the papers if you wanna know more about this, from a Gooner's view, a non-event.

Just so happened I had the TV on, that's all. Yawwnnnn...

So if you looking for other ways of scoring goals this off season, why not take a look at this site? It's the Children's Cancer Foundation, and they are doing that shaving your head thingy again. My often absent Gooner buddy Daniel is participating again this year, with whole family in tow!

I've asked once my stylist how I'd look bald.

"Not very nice, your skull...not shaped nicely la!"

Plus, I'd have to be certified medically if I went to work bald. Maybe next year when I take a month off from work??

So I did the next best thing and pledged some beer money towards my friend Daniel for his charitable effort.

If you wanna do something for these children, get shaving, or pledge towards the shavees...

Guarantee you'd score more goals than the borefest between ManYoo & Cheat$ki

Look nice, ya??


GunnerXIII said...

Wah lau! Thks man bro!!! Very Kum Tong! Will try to appear next season!! Promise!!

I.Z. Reloaded said...

Dude, I'm a hardcore Spurs fan. Ha!

Well, I have to admit Arsenal do play some beautiful football but they need more than that to break the top two.

As for Spurs, we are happy to finish 5th for 2 consecutive seasons.

Love Fabregas btw.

Unknown said...

-IZ. Too bad they keep offloading their best players to other teams. But Berbotov is the good la