Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Been laying off for a while.

Dunno what the f*ck I been busy with though. I've stopped going to dragon boat racing and may not be considered for the team to row during the Singapore River Regatta. Have eased off on the nightly jaunts to the pub, save for those weekends when Arsenal is playing and I'm in town. Tried my hand at cable ski, and fell flat on my face in the water enough times to burst a blood vessel in my nose. My credit cards have taken a beating and I should reign myself in before I do any more real damage.

My bookmarks have changed a bit too. Going to pron sites are not a priority now (it just means I still go, just not too often). More often than not I end up in forums/message boards; Arsenal Singapore, Sammy's Alfresco Coffeeshop, Sony Ericcson user groups... It's great for nuggets of information that you need, news that they don't report in the ShiteTimes and perhaps, make some new friends.

I've added a few more buddies to my Pidgin IM since then, and some days are spent chatting with 2 or 3 at the same time. Not bad, when one doesn't have much television to watch in a foreign land.

Other times, I've been dreaming up my restaurant/eatery. It's something that I allow myself to indulge in, even though I may never see the day that my dreams become brick and mortar.

Oh, and I've gained 7 kilos.



redcocoon said...

Care to take up a sailing course? Me looking for kaki. 6 sessions over 3weekends in Dec, starting from 1 Dec

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I can pass you my exercise band liao! Not using it! Don't waste it lar! Still very brand new! Come to the lounge to coll it if you are keen!

Unknown said...

-redcocoon. Dude you know how messed up my weekends are...besides what am I gonna do with a sailing license? Buy a sail boat?

-mae. i also have one rotting one corner in my house :)

(T) (H) (B) said...

Real man gain weight. No worries.. =)