Friday, December 14, 2007


I was gonna wake up at 330am to watch the Arsenal v Steau Bucharest tie online. Alas I closed my eyes for 40 more winks which took 3 hours, and I woke up at 630am instead. In the end had to settle for match reports, forums, and clips of the goals scored for my Arsenal fix.

I then went on to as many sites as I could to say that I hope that RvP can partner Bendtner in the coming clash with Cheat$ki on Sunday. I feel that Ade-aiyoyo is getting too big for his non-scoring boots and should be benched to humble him a bit.

The above is on the premise that our most potent mix of midfielders are not back in action. Ade-aiyoyo, in the absence of RvP, had a lot of supply from them. Without a strike partner and our midfielders, he was often the point man at the frontline. So why does he always drift to the wings, trying to dribble past defenders? He's not good at controlling the ball at his feet, and his touches are not up to scratch at the moment.

Of course RvP cannot play the full match so soon after coming back, so I would substitue him for Ade-aiyoyo on 60-70 minutes.

This is sounding like an Ade-bash-yor...

Anyhoo, the match against Cheat$ki will be played after Anfield host those cheap, whore-loving ManYoo players.

Liz Pub will fill up earlier with reds supporters who buy the ONE milkshake and sit their cheap asses on the best seats to last the whole telecast and more.

So be there at Liz early ya...

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