Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Silent nights

I pretty much was not expecting myself to party X'mas 2007 away.

Staying at home and reading throughout Christmas was not what I envisaged myself doing either.

Yet that was precisely what went on in Ah Tiong world.

I had Christmas eve off, but was scheduled for a 5am pick up the next day. Therefore I flipped through the idiot box before deciding that there was nothing great on. That was about the time I brought the book out.

Came back from my flight on Christmas day, had a late lunch. Went home took a nap, woke up to find myself flipping them pages again.

It was 12:01am Boxing Day when I finally finished the 1st of 3 books at MacDonald's.

Quietest X'mas...evar!

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SgGooner said...

some quiet on your is sometimes good for the soul.