Monday, December 17, 2007

Blonde Hero, as witnessed by an Aussie Gooner

What a night out.

Arsenal had all of their injured back, whom while still rusty, provided the impetus we needed to perform like we should do. Almunia was in top form, and he kept us in the match with his point blank saves and that tip over from Shev-whatawasteofmoney-chenko in the dying minutes of the match.

My man of the match.

Other than that, it was business as usual. The ref had stamps on both his eyes, and Ashley Cole is a true, true wanker. He should've been carded and got a red in the dying seconds, but as mentioned before, the ref had his blinkers on.

I met up with Cyrus from Melbourne. He found my posts on Arsenal Australia forum and decided to come over to watch some real football after that pathetic show by Liverpool at Anfield, which he watched at the Cavern. I dare say that he was impressed, especially with the girls who actually knew what was going on on the pitch.

He will make his appearance on the Singapore forum soon enough...

We are top of the league
We are top of the league...


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Alumnia or Aussie Cyrus??