Monday, March 17, 2008

Give me that I can fly

What does one do when opportunities dry up.

Fly the coop.

Sometimes I wished that I had taken the plunge and worked for a foreign company in a foreign land. It could've opened my eyes, widen my horizons, and perhaps come back with a different perspective on most things.

Alas, I am past my wayward youth and have settled down to the bread and butter issues on this small island.

Which is why I am willing to support someone close in her pursuit of a different life overseas. It takes a chunk out of my savings, but hey, it's not like the interest rates are at attractive rates.

I think it'll do more good, going into an overseas education, albeit not mine.


Unknown said...

Hey Bro, Tagged you on my blog, please visit and do the quiz there if you've the time. Tc man !

None said...

Very noble. How i wish i could do the same. :|

Unknown said...

Lance - Simi is tagged?? can eat or not?

ah 9 - Ned much balls, I gather...

None said...

i need much kachink $$ ! hahaha