Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Making something outta nothing

Sometimes I have not much to write about, and when I do it is something as trivial as what beer I had the night before, to something indulgent; like watching Arsenal Football Club.


It's like buying 4D or Toto. You see the long lines, filled with people from a broad spectrum of the population, young and old, the haves and the have-nots. What do they all have in common?

Hope. Hope that a big win will lift them from a life of mediocrity. It most probably will not. But still, they pine for that jackpot. It's what keeps them waking up everyday to go to work, it gives them something to look forward to at the end of a work week, it's a pleasant distraction.

It keeps them sane for the most parts.

And if they don't win this week? A shrug of the shoulder, a resigned chuckle, and back in line for next week's winning digits.

What if these people were to be told, while in line for their ticket, that there will not an inkling of a chance that they will strike it rich. Zilch. Nadah. That they should just leave the line, go on back to their daily grind, and wait for a paycheck every end of the month.

We would be like walking zombies.

In this big, bad world. We all need some hope, and a huge dose of humour.

Come on Arsenal!!

Opps, there I go again...

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(T) (H) (B) said...

Hope keep all things going..

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