Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The REAL football hooligans...

My cable subscription is the most basic one can find amongst the plethora of options on ShiteHub. I watch StarWorld, AXN, Discovery, and leave the BBC on when I'm not actually watching TV.

Although I had cancelled my sports subscription due to some(unfair?) bidding war, I'm still disappointed to hear that now ShitTel has outbid ESS ( who runs ESPN Asia) for the rights to all UEFA matches in 2009.

That means that if one wants to watch it in the comfort of his own home, all the football he wants, he has to have 2 subscriptions; one for ShiteHub's Football Channel, one for ShitTel's mio TV for all UEFA competitions. Even then, the real football fanatic still does not get to watch the Italian league.

And forget about watching it at the local S-11. Last I know, ShitTel's mio TV doesn't have a commercial license for these owners.

Even alternative sources of broadcast/streaming online are drying up, with the FAs all out to grab any last penny they can squeeze out of folks just wanting to watch 22 men huff and puff a ball up and down a field.

If oxygen could be packaged and sold, I'm sure them evil capitalists will do it.

And knowing the lan-lan attitude of the locals, we will pay the highest price.

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