Friday, March 14, 2008


Living in Singapore Inc, there's one thing that's topmost on everyone's mind: where/when/how can one make more money.

Now, I'm the not most savvy investor when it comes to my financial health. Most of my dough are stashed away in an almost zero-interest savings account. I still maintain an almost infantile save-as-you-earn account too.

Having kinda lost my thrifty ways recently, am now looking into adding to my forced savings every month. RSP, dollar cost averaging, equities, bonds, unit trusts... Have to look those words up in the financial pages.

With new changes to the CPF, I have been inundated with offers to invest in a variety of funds, all assuring that I can earn more interest in the long run compared to keeping it in the CPF. Having spoken to a few people, and weighing the options, I made some conservative fund switches.

A few signatures here and there, and I'm set to hopefully reap, if nothing, a small reward in the far away future.

Like they say; In Singapore eh sai see, buay sai pua peh (can die, cannot fall sick).

If do fall sick, better have some cash on ya.

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