Saturday, July 19, 2008

So Shai ... Not!

Gonna head out to Batam Cable Ski for the weekend to celebrate Shai's birthday.

I will be taking the "go-there-just-to-lim-jiu" package. Which means whilst the rest are doing stunts on their wakeboards, yours truly will be kicking up his heels with a large cup of whiskey in his hand.

Not that I haven't tried my hand at it, the wakeboarding that is. Just that I always get slammed into the water when the cable starts to yank me off the platform. After my 4th try, I was bleeding from the nose. Thus ends my dalliance with an extreme sport.

It's safer on land, I gathered. Whiskey in hand, preferably.

Shai, however, takes to it like a fish in water. Now this guy not only likes it, he's got the skills to prove it.

I remember the first time I met this dude. There was something different about him, I couldn't place my finger on it at first.

Then it hit me, his hair was straightened. Rebonded. Yeah that's what they call it.

He even tried to convince me to do it. I looked back at him in disbelief and mouthed "WTF?!"

A Gooner supporter too, it was not that difficult to get friendly with him after a while. Always dressed in his best, even on casual days, it would be safe to call him a fashionable guy. On my trips overseas it is not unusual for me to help him look out for his favourite tees and/or footwear. Sibei hiao...

Always doing his best, I have had him help me out on my community projects in Arsenal Singapore on different occasions. He's done so well that the committee is asking him on board to do more for the Club. I am sure he will be able to excel in his new position.

There's no one better to rock out at Wala Wala than with this guy. He knows most of the rock classics there is, and then some. People around us are mostly amused when we start jumping up and down rocking it out with The UnXpected. He cheekily mimics those around us, who prefer to sit still and nod politely along while the band is belting their hearts out on stage, by cupping his hands under his chin.

I get a good laugh from that, but I tell ya Shai, someday you are gonna get into trouble with that.

Happy Birthday, Shaiful!!


Anonymous said...

Bro.... Thank you. I am overwhelmed.

Unknown said...

No prob. Pics wil be up soon.

Anonymous said...

Runs in the family. I can't wakeboard either. My hip still hurts from my attempt. Bleagh

Anonymous said...

Never give up, Spunky and Ah Tiong...

When you can stand on the board, it's orgasmic...