Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wake me up, before you go go

So it will be a while before I take to the skies again.

I will be joining the maddening masses during the morning crush on the bus, on a 45 minute journey, give or take an armpit in my face, in order to reach my final destination.

The commute I can take.

The challenge, indeed, is in getting up early enough so that I have ample time for the commute and then settle down for my lessons. I don't own an alarm clock loud enough that'll wake me and the neighbours 2 floors up and down (seriously, I've heard those ones before!) . All I have is my trusty k810i, with snooze function.

Have to, nay, GOT TO resist hitting that snooze button.

On the brighter note, I should be able to make it to the many binge-drinking sessions outings on in the evenings with my 猪朋狗友 friends, which will eventually translate into late nights.

Which brings me back to the problem of waking up early enough.

And the need for that loud alarm clock.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

shanksssss for the treats! i cant decide which was more exciting, the anticipation of seeing you in your uniform or the mint green paper carrier from brompton road! hehehehe... thursday come and drink with us okie :)