Monday, May 15, 2006

Failure to Launch

So I heard there were 3 long weekends in May this year. People must've had a good time spending their Progress Package. I heard they had such a good time, that many didn't bother about the elections.

I'd wanted to cast my vote, would've been a first for me. Living in one of the most fiercely contested seat on the island, I'd wanted my vote counted. Alas, work kept me away and I came back to find that it was down to the wire on vote counting day.

I'm impressed with what the other party has done, grabbing a sizable percentage. I won't say I don't like the way many things are done now, but an alternative voice would be nice to hear instead of the usual drone that you get at every political broadcast.


Vacation time is here again, all 10days of it. I'd zealously took out my calendar and started plotting my errands, tasks, and social gatherings when I stopped.

For all best intentions, I've never been a good Virgo ie. a perfectionist. Sure I bitch about some of my colleagues' lack of pride in their work, and yes I have a system of doing my laundry(down to the order of washing them). Take a look around me, however, and you'd realise that I'm not destined for the big time.

I'm more prone to planning to fail, rather than the other way round.


I've recently become involved in the administrative running of my 2 extra curricular activities. Both somewhat involve motivating people to get off their butts and doing something that they have a keen interest in.

Not easy, when you consider that the general populace is sharply honed in apathy. I always wonder how the people who started it keeps going. Where do they find the zest, on top of ecking out a living in their daily life? Truly, leadership is a skill that will take me many moons to master.

Good leaders talk, great leaders DO.


SgGooner said...

hey, i like that last bit. good leaders talk. great leaders do... will keep that in mind at work. cheers

Anonymous said...

yup..all talk n no do is a waste of every1's time.especially in ur line of wrk is the ultimate ppl look 4..kudos to dat!