Sunday, September 24, 2006

EPL Sat night

The thing I like about EPL season? You are never lost on what to do on a weekend. After a nice time at the Esplanade and dinner care of Mickey(for the side bet when Man Yoo lost to The Gunners), we made our way to Liz Pub to catch the Liverpool match.

As you might guess, most of the pub was rooting for the Reds against the Spuds. Spurs really didn't look like a big team that they always aspire to, how the NewPaper can lump them together with the top 4 and call it the Big 5 is beyond me. They deserved to lose 3-o.

As the regulars gathered, Arsenal were lining up to face Sheffield United. I shouldn't say that I was prepared for a thrashing of Sheffield United, after all they did make it into the Premier league. What I didn't expect was a goaless first half.

I was getting frustrated at teams that seem to park their lorries in front of goal whenever they play against Arsenal. However, as suggested by a fellow Gooner Lokesh, most visiting teams to the Emirates would be more than happy with a point already, therefore the negative play.

The first half was not doing me any good. Many times I was left cursing in my beautiful hokkien at the missed opportunities and the negative football Sheffield United were playing. I had a side bet with Mickey. 2-0 she gets a meal from me, 3-0 the next dinner's on her.

It took a little more than an hour later when Henry tipped the ball over to Fabregas, who then flipped it to Gallas, who then volleyed it high into the net, past the goalie. 1-nil to the Arsenal! The mood at the pub was lifted and my prediction was coming true. You've probably read the match reports already so I won't go into that. I must mention Henry's header in the 80th min though, you don't see too many from the King, and it was as good as any I shall say.

3-0. My next dinner is on the house again.

Oh and to round up a nice Saturday night out, Man Yoo only managed a draw travelling to Reading. Suffer the wrath of Ferguson, boys...

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SgGooner said...

Yeah, it was good fun last night. And you seem to be winning a lot of dinners from Mickey... At this rate, you'll be fed nicely till next May. ;)