Sunday, September 24, 2006

Visit to Old Trafford

I was in Manchester recently and decided to visit Old Trafford, homeground of Man Yoo. It was a 20min tram ride from where my hotel is, a return ticket costing about 2 pounds. The thing about buying tickets for public transport when one is overseas; better pay up than face the embarrassment of getting caught without one, which by then would incur a fine 10X, in some places 100X the original fare. Don't ngiao la...

So once at the station it was a short walk
in the nice sunny weather to the Stadium. As one gets closer the neighbourhood turns very, well, red. Not everyone is too thrilled though.

I bought the tour for a little less than 10 pounds and was soon taking a wal
k through Man Yoo's history and record books. It's easy to get lost in all the trophies and memoroblia and players' stats, but most times I just had a fertive glance at them.

What I couldn't quite get over was when I went into the players' changing room, instead of displaying the full kit for photo opportunities, they put up photos of them players according to where they sat. Very disappointed at that, and it's quite laughable when you see the people snapping at it too. I mean, it's a damn poster la..

Then we went on to the pitch, or at least just outside it. It's a grand stadium, and bless them lucky souls who are able to catch the action here. Actually it was made sweeter by the fact that we beat their sorry asses the week before, but of course I kept my mouth shut la.

I can't wait to fly to London when I can visit Emirates Stadium and perhaps, even watch a match! It'll be tons more fun!

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SgGooner said...

HAHAHA!!! A freaking good one dude! You should know which pic I especially love! Can I save your pic? Anyway, you should have buried an Arsenal shirt in their stadium somewhere. Hahahha!! Next up should be Emirates and while you are there, you can take another shot like what you did at White Sh*te Lane. :)