Sunday, November 05, 2006


My friends tell me that I blog too infrequently.

Well, I do have to travel quite a bit for my work and without a laptop on hand, it's kinda rare to see me posting every other day, unlike SG Gooner.

I had just came back from a week-long flight to Frankfurt/New York. There's no haze, the shopping's good, and I still managed to watch parts of Arsenal running circles around CSKA Moscow. Good trip in my books.

I went down to Timbre on Sat, thinking it to be another atas poser joint, but came away impressed. Other than the fact that The UnXpected were performing there, I enjoyed the ambience there. Plus the food was yummy; the pizzas are like pratas with toppings, really. The company of a few good Gooners were a bonus and more friends of mine saw Shirlyn in action, which has to be good.

Chris was nice enough to hand me a slice of his birthday cake. Happy birthday Chris!

Tomorrow cheong Liz pub for West Ham v Arsenal. I remembered they sorta helped us keep Spurs at bay last season in the closing stages, but they are just rubbish now in the English league.

So, 0-3 to the Arsenal I say!!

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SgGooner said...

Dude, I had a great time. Your sis is really talented and awesome! Will join you & Shai again next time.. For sure...