Saturday, March 31, 2007

2 meetings of minds

I attended 2 meetings back to back the weekend past. Both entailed the inner workings of the clubs I'm currently involved in.

The 1st one took place at an informal setting in McDonald's. Although I only had one issue to address during the meeting, it quickly became a hotly contested item between 2 of the members. It almost got hot enough for one of them to slowly start to raise his voice, and the other making token gestures to appease him. I stepped in to voice out my perspective in as calm a manner as possible, and after a few more helping words from the rest of the floor, things cooled down.

All this 20min of to-ing and fro-ing over what? The club logo design, the colour it should have, and where it should go. Geez. I thought the group (mine) assigned with that duty was given total control over it!

Perhaps, as most of us lack corporate experience, we are not able to move on when it comes to getting a consensus. Is that why meetings in the real world get dragged on for the whole day?

The 2nd meeting was the polar opposite. The agenda was clearly written, with duties assigned accordingly and with no fuss. We breezed through 3 pages, with a Tiger in hand! And this is the more important meeting of the 2, as we will be dealing with the media and general public quite a bit.

Kudos to the Excolads of Arsenal Singapore for all the background work. I guess as most are working in a corporate environment they know how to push through and accomplish more within a shorter amount of time.

The former was lead by a manager, the latter managed by a leader.


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