Monday, March 05, 2007

Jade Solid Gold

"There's gonna be food, so come."

So says Mum.

"Great!" I thought, "my dinner is settled for the weekend."

When I did arrive at the dinner organized by Mum's senior citizen club, I was slapping the back of my head. There was 1 disco ball on stage, a 3 piece band, and an average age of 65 amongst the dinner guests.

Yet, it was endearing to see so many seniors enjoying their golden years with friends. Some came as a family unit, with grandchildren in tow, as this was the last day of the CNY celebrations. I found my Mum and took the seat next to her.

The dinner was nothing to shout about, served without much frills. What did drew me was the way these folks were so keen on having a good time. With some of the younger crowd they were cringing at the karaoke, the cha cha dancing and the over-the-top entertainer. I looked on and began to warm up to how the seniors were enjoying their Sunday night out, and appreciate their efforts in staying young at heart.

An uncle at the dinner asked about my age, and remarked that I looked younger than I really was. I told him that if I had my way, I'd be still want to be cha cha-ing when I get to be his age.

Come on let's boogie!!

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