Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Arse'd to volunteer

Well I'm off to Tokyo/LA tomorrow morning. From what I hear the new hotel in LA is very near to Disneyland. Hopefully I can see the fireworks from my window, saves me US$50-odd entrance I think.

When I get back I have been tasked to help out at the launch of Arsenal Singapore on the 31stMar. This will be the same night that Arsenal take on Liverpool. There's gonna be free finger food and as much beer as the sponsors can afford, so come on down to soak in the atmosphere.

I will be bringing along one of my most precious Arsenal memento, my 30 quid ticket for the Arsenal v Spuds match played at Highbury on 22ndApril, 2006. Although the ticket costed me much, much more than it's face value, I thought it was money well spent.

My Precious...

So, along with a few other hard core Gooners, I will be welcoming new members to Arsenal Singapore come the end of March.

Have you been Arse'd to join in yet??

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Anonymous said...

Sigh, won't be in town on 31st. Have a blast! ;)