Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The vocal minority

Many of us are geared up for Champions League action in the next 2 days.

I cannot vouch for fans of ManYoo, Cheat$ki or Liver-poor, but us Singapore Gooners are definitely staying up to watch this one. Problem is they are screening a delayed telecast.

This has been the bugbear of many Gooners. As someone rightly pointed out...

"b#@%$^ds. so they show a game with a forgone conclusion (Man Utd vs Lille) and a game between two has-been teams (Bayern vs Real), but not the mighty Arse. I'll never watch ESPN again!"

Well, it's not like we have any other legal options. Unless we are allowed satellites here in sunny Singapore, we'll have to put up with screwed up timing, one-sided analysis, biased reporting and TNP proudly featuring turncoats like Raja Edwin(TNP Feb28)

In fact, we see many of them at Liz Pub. They wear the club jersey, find a comfy sofa and just sit there watching their teams play. No shouts, no cheers, no jeers, no passion. Heck they might as well watch at S-11, the drinks are cheaper there!

Give those seats up for real supporters, like the Singapore Gooners.


Come on Arsenal!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can you judge supporters 4 being there. You don't need to show emotion to register your support.You are being self righteous. When a monkey jump up and down in the zoo.It does mean it is cheering for the zoo visitors.Monkeys are being monkeys.They are attention seekers.

Unknown said...

"How can you judge supporters 4 being there. You don't need to show emotion to register your support."

Wow... so you'd rather hide behind an anonymous than put even a nickname to your comments.

Thank you for your point of view...

Anonymous said...

I am not a blogger nor have a website nor a frequent surfer nor have a nickname therfore I can only tick at anonymous.I'm not hiding. Happen to surf Arsenal sites and got into your site.Not a fantastic gooner site prefer other sites.Especailly thequitestone, very informative and nostalagic.Unlike yours very flaky and no substance.It seems that you have no idea what is arsenal about just follow the crowd or buzz.Attention seekers.You need to repect your fellow supporters.If you can be judgemental I think i will also. I will stop visiting Liz because of arrogant gooner like you.At least at the coffee shop, they have real ppl.
Jenny Sng

Anonymous said...

Nonsense biatch. :D

Unknown said...

First off, thank you for your comments. I welcome any, good or bad.

Yes, I am an Arsenal supporter. Yes I blog. I do not consider myself to be a Gooner blogger. I'm just "very flaky and no substance" to dare say that mine is a Gooner blog.

Yes I very much agree that thequietstone is a very good Gooner blog. As you mentioned it is informative and nostalgic, and Arsenal through and through... That is a Gooner blog through and through.

The above post was directed at non-Arsenal supporters at the pub. I believe it happens at any pub around the island.

And yes, I also acknowledge that there are Gooners who prefer to watch the match quietly in one corner. I just wish they were more vocal in their support, to create a Gooner atmosphere for all to enjoy. However, as my friends pointed out, there are many ways to support your team. I've learned to accept that.

You have been to Liz pub before, so am sure you've heard the singing and cheering from some of us. I hope you make more trips down to the pub to soak in the Gooner atmosphere for Arsenal's remaining fixtures.

Flaky Tiong