Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Arsenal journey

It was a good trip to London this time. It almost felt like a pilgrimage. I'd planned on watching the FA Cup 5th Round with Blackburn. And I had access to a ticket for the match too, care of a fellow Singapore Gooner. But my poor grasp of local geography made me think that EWood Park was just a tube ride away. I found out in the end that Blackburn was closer to Midlands/Manchester.

I made do by heading to an Arsenal pub near Finsbury Park, and soaked in the atmosphere. This place has wall-to-wall-to-ceiling of Arsenal history and memorabilia. I soaked in the atmosphere of the pub with a pint in my hand while watching Arsenal exit the FA Cup competition care of a late goal...

My tour of the area continued the next day with a visit to the All Arsenal store at the Emirates. I'd just missed the last tour of the day, so spent quite a bit of time going through the Arsenal merchandise in the store. I'd chanced upon a polo shirt that I liked, and saw that it had different buttons to the rest. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it said "Liverpool Football Club" instead!! I pointed this out to a staff in the shop and he went bonkers and made a few frantic calls to the warehouse. They were surprised that I spotted it in the first place. Keen eye for the Singaporean Gooner.

This Singapore Gooner then booked himself on an early morning stadium tour the next day. Being one of the newer stadiums to be build in recent times, it had all the best features. I had to stop several times to take in the huge stadium! Did you know that Arsene's seat at the pit is numbered 13??

After the tour, more shopping, this time at the Armoury. I had to check myself several times and put items back on the rack before I overspent! Got hold of a nice T-shirt in the end.

Last lap around The Emirates, and then soaked up some history in the Museum. Spent another hour here, going through the interactive displays and memorabilia. Snapped more photos before heading back to the hotel.

Will definitely go back, perhaps with other Singapore Gooners to watch a match?!

More photos on my Flickr.


SgGooner said...

wah, jealous man. but indeed glad that you were there.

like you say, maybe all of us should plan a group trip down there.

Anonymous said...

lucky you.

Siren said...

I can't believe the buttons said Liverpool Football Club!!!! Hahahaha OMG!

Don't forget, we suppose to go take pictures for each other. haha