Monday, March 03, 2008

Countdown to the Showdown

I am that much closer to getting my ticket to the showdown at San Siro bewteen AC Milan and Arsenal.

After trawling the world wide web for a whole Sunday afternoon, I have managed to get in touch with a dude who holds season tickets for both teams. Found him on TripAdvisor, of all places. He seems pretty reliable, even offers name change of ticket over the internet at a net cafe nearby.

A few emails and sms later, a meet up has been arranged to hand over tickets to the match at a local metro station here in Milan tomorrow at noon.

I also "stirred" a colleague to come along with me, convincing him that it'll be the best 65Euros he can spend while in Milan.

It's Monday, nearly 5pm in Milan now. Initially planned a stadium tour of the San Siro, Unfortunately, I had caught a chill while sleeping in the crew bunk on the way here, and taken some meds so that I can better handle the chilly night tomorrow at the San Siro.

Had brought my 3rd kit along this trip, hoping to wear it at the stadium.

However, on the advice of the seller, will not be putting it on at the stadium.

Especially since the ticket is in the Milan section.

Still, will have my wristband tucked into my jeans during the match.

Come on Arsenal!!


Anonymous said...

glad u got yr tix, i just saw this link n wanted to post it for u.

Anonymous said...

Wow dude. Make yourself loud at the San Siro for us. PLS!! GO ARSENAL!!