Saturday, December 02, 2006

3 wise men... ok maybe 2

This is it. The London Derby any Gooner would flock to see, and as far as I know 2 Gooners from li'l Singapore will be there too in the thick of it all.

It's Arsenal v Spuds. Any true blue Gooner has to hate the Spuds. After being there myself last season, and seeing Arsenal edge them out in a climatic, conspiracy-laden end of season matches, I am raring to go down to Liz tonight.

Forget the Bolton match, put the Fulham game away too. This is, to a certain extent, personal. Wenger v Jol. The "Cannon" pointing at the "Lan Jiao". This time it's a new team facing each other altogether. The team will be doing without Henry, among a host of players out due to injuries or suspensions. I'm looking forward to see Julio Baptista start, for a change. Theo? I still feel he's useful in the last 20-30 minutes of the match with his pace.

Adding to the red hot encounter is the man in the middle. If the website is correct, Mr. Graham 'that'll-teach-Chel$ki-a-lesson' Poll will be the one with the whistle. I can imagine the colourful language the managers, players and the fans have prepared for this fella.

I am sure glad to be in town for this encounter, else I was gonna be cursing under my breathe 40, 000 feet in the air all the way back from GuangZhou!

Better bring my camera, Liz will be in full regalia tonight, with fans all togged up for it!

Come on Arsenal!!

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