Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Count to 10...

The time has come, the shops are pulling out all the stops to get people to open their wallets. With news of a re-surging economy, larger bonuses, increased pay for the new year; it's no wonder many are seeking more than a therapy at the malls. Heck, they are going for the whole package! I read in the Sunday Times that some average Joe's, such as you and me, are willing to splurge $7000 to travel in business class for a holiday to Hong Kong!

I indulge in some shopping myself from time to time. Usually it's something I take a fancy to on my travels. My most expensive buy when I started working was a video camera. I'd used my Bro's supplementary card, and they called him back to inform him about a "suspicious" transaction amounting to over $1000. They've since got used to my foreign transactions.

I am more conservative in my spending now, I hope. Therefore I cringe when others just walk in any shops and decide to pick up a few items as if they were groceries. There's only so many pieces of clothing a person needs.

I read somewhere that some people practise counting to 10 before they decide to pay for their purchase. I think it's a good tip, the money saved can always go to something else; a fund for a holiday, a ticket to a musical/play to feed the mind, even charity if one so chooses.

I will admit that I do lust after a few items;

  • The new PS3
  • HD Plasma TV
  • A kick-ass Laptop
  • Heading to Ibiza for a week of hedonism
Okay, maybe I should count to like, 1000 instead...

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